Simple and Easy Secrets You Can Use to Avoid the Hassle & Expense of Hiring the Wrong Real Estate Agent and

Put an Extra $15,000 in Your Pocket When You Sell Your Home.​

Dear Homeowner,

I invite you to download your copy of my book now.

It's only about 40 pages long but covers everything you need to know to avoid hiring the wrong real estate agent and get yourself ready to sell your home for the most money in the least time.

Consider these simple, but often ignored, facts:

  • Your home is the most expensive thing you'll ever buy or sell.
  • Real estate agents have 1/10 of the training of the person that cuts your hair.
  • 85% of people will hire the very first agent they speak with.

Seriously. You should read those again. Doesn't that seem like a recipe for disaster to you?

The gap between a good agent and a bad agent is huge - but if you're like most people, you've never learned what to ask to be able to know if you have a good one, an average one, or a bad one, so you're likely to hire the first one that seems friendly and competent and then hope for the best. What else can you be expected to do?

Do you realize that if your home is worth $500,000 and you could find an agent that sells homes for just 3% more than average, you'd be putting an extra $15,000 right into your pocket.​ You'd be ok with that, right?

Good thing asking the right questions is easy and will leave you confident that you've gotten the best person for the job.

  • ​Want to know why most people don't interview their agents? Page 3.
  • Do you know how to tell if the person you're hiring is doing this as a job or as a hobby? Page 12.
  • Why should the way a Realtor gets most of their business matter to you? Page 15.
  • Do discount brokers really save you money? Page 20.
  • What numbers should you pay attention to you and what numbers should you ignore?  Page 24.

Can I tell you the truth? I wrote this book because I'm always shocked that the criteria most people use to hire the person who is going to sell the most expensive thing they own is a) they appear competent and  b) they are there first.

It makes me crazy so I thought I'd do something about it.

Not only will you get a copy of my book instantly, but also a template you can easily email the agents you intend to interview so you don't waste your time talking with agents that won't cut it.​

I ask for your email so I can follow up, see how this works for you and answer any questions you may have. I promise I won't stalk you, spam you, or sell your information. ​

So go ahead, get your book, your template and get started. You've got only money and time to gain.​